The Citrus Engine for Flash gaming

Recently I started using the Citrus Engine, and I quote directly from their site: “a professional-grade, scalable Flash game engine built for industry-quality games”.  Using this completely open-source library, I built a platform jumper game in a matter of a couple of hours.  That is learning curve, some quickly thrown together artwork, custom character design (albeit, only a skeleton of a man), game logic with parallax scrolling background and a couple of bad guys added in.  With a background in Flash design and AS3, I may be a little bias, but I believe anyone with a passion for gaming can pick this up very quickly and be well on their way to becoming a Flash game developer. That being said, for inquiries about game design for both Flash (browser) and AIR runtime (desktop and or mobile), drop me a line, as I love to be involved in creations of new gaming experiences…

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