STUDIOLOGY? Basically, its a clever way to express a goal or a plan of action. You knew that? Goal! But really, my particular goal is to provide the most innovative, interactive and user friendly UI (user interface) possible, and while that is in place, make sure all the things you dont see work in harmony to get you noticed and attract new business.


WHO is WHY? I am an interactive web developer with a specialty in interactive UI (user interface) and UX (user experience). I am also well versed in ActionScript 3, PHP, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, phoneGap, Flex, WordPress, other custom CMS, eCommerce, Flash and mobile games and really about anything else I can fully dive into. I have a graphic design background with equal interactive web development specializing in OOP as well as marketing experience, so I have a unique opportunity to see a project from concept to launch while handling all aspects therein. Each project I take on is independent of any other, which gives me the opportunity to push limits, learn, and realize the best solution for the current situation.