Oklahoma City Casual and Mobile Game Development

I design and develop casual games for desktop, mobile, Android, and iProducts (think Words with Friends and Angry Birds). I am currently employed as a Flash Games Software Developer. I also build games on the side incorporating the latest industry technologies, which allows me the opportunity to experiment with and develop the most advanced, visually appealing, and most of all engaging and fun gaming experiences. ¬†Anyone looking for desktop and or mobile games design and development for Android, iPhone/iPad, AIR, PC and Mac please contact me here for further discussion. You can also fill out the contact form at the bottom of this or any other page; just include in the subject “All Fun In Games!”…

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    • Thanks for the interest.
      I currently work at QuiBids.com. If you are familiar/unfamiliar with their site, there are auctions in which you you can win a gameplay. Those games are the games I currently develop. I have had some work in on most of the games listed, yet I developed Word Scramble and Treasure Cove entirely with several more in production. Currently on my own I have 3 mobile games in production which will be ported as AIR for mobile to Android phones/tablets and iPhone/ iPads. These games will also eventually be ported to a few online games portals as well. All games (Studio Brainchild) will be available in a free (ad supported and no statistics recording) version and soon to follow a premium (one time buy) version which will include all future updates at no addition cost to the user. Send me some info if you are interested in any game endeavors…