Feather Match


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A bubble popper match three game with as many animations as birds in “The Birds”.  Complete development, programming and tandem on design. programs / languages: Photoshop Illustrator Flash Professional Flash Builder ActionScript 3 Starling framework Nape Physics due to non-compete agreement, Im … continue on 〉〉

Word Scramble


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A Words with Friends style game created for QuiBids.com websites.  Complete development and programming. programs / languages: Photoshop Flash Professional Flash Builder ActionScript 3 due to non-compete agreement, Im only allowed to show you imagery here, but you can see the full … continue on 〉〉

Platform Runner | Flash Game (demo)

An early version of a demo Flash game.  A simple (at this stage) platform game with keyboard direction and spacebar jump.  Newer and more complex versions will be coming as they are updated to show progress prior to release.  This game was built on the Citrus Engine for Flash games.

programs / languages:

Flash (Professional)

Flash Builder


ActionScript 3

Citrus Engine

take a test drive (click inside the window below // right and left arrow keys and spacebar for jump)

Jillian Peery | website

As her first of many novels was written, Jillian Peery, author extraordinaire, needed a place for her fans to greet and stay in contact with her.  She also needed another outlet to sell her book and present her thoughts and blog about her life.  Insert JillianPeery.com…

programs / languages:





WordPress (custom theme and shopping cart)

visit Jillian here: www.jillianpeery.com (recently updated by another party)