Nov 2013

Studio Brainchild LLC

Studio Brainchild is legit now (notice the LLC).  The future starts today, and Studio Brainchild is now taking on new clients for individual projects, contracts, and full-stack development consulting.  Right now the completion of a cross-platform iOS/Android mobile app (of which … continue on 〉〉


Jan 2013

censored portfolio pieces

On request, information about projects completed while employed by other companies, and under the direction of said companies will be available.


Nov 2012

Oklahoma City Casual and Mobile Game Development

I design and develop casual games for desktop, mobile, Android, and iProducts (think Words with Friends and Angry Birds). I am currently employed as a Flash Games Software Developer. I also build games on the side incorporating the latest industry … continue on 〉〉

AS3: Moving a Starling object with Nape

For those who may not have been able to find anything about this or just not figured it out yet, here is an effective way to animate the coordinates of a Starling Movieclip while keeping the Nape body physics in tact:   … continue on 〉〉


Jan 2012

The Citrus Engine for Flash gaming

Recently I started using the Citrus Engine, and I quote directly from their site: “a professional-grade, scalable Flash game engine built for industry-quality games”.  Using this completely open-source library, I built a platform jumper game in a matter of a … continue on 〉〉


Jan 2012


…it is more than a way to make money, but a passion to create and develop eye catching, creative, interactive and truly cutting edge web applications and games for you, the end user. With senior level interactive web development experience, … continue on 〉〉


Jan 2012

Welcome to the Studio

New Year, New site… Happy New Year by the way, or as some of you may need to see it, BTW. Just to catch you up, this is Studio Brainchild, formally Studio LFX. Feel free to roam the site, drop … continue on 〉〉