The Citrus Engine for Flash gaming

Recently I started using the Citrus Engine, and I quote directly from their site: “a professional-grade, scalable Flash game engine built for industry-quality games”.  Using this completely open-source library, I built a platform jumper game in a matter of a couple of hours.  That is learning curve, some quickly thrown together artwork, custom character design (albeit, only a skeleton of a man), game logic with parallax scrolling background and a couple of bad guys added in.  With a background in Flash design and AS3, I may be a little bias, but I believe anyone with a passion for gaming can pick this up very quickly and be well on their way to becoming a Flash game developer. That being said, for inquiries about game design for both Flash (browser) and AIR runtime (desktop and or mobile), drop me a line, as I love to be involved in creations of new gaming experiences…

Platform Runner | Flash Game (demo)

An early version of a demo Flash game.  A simple (at this stage) platform game with keyboard direction and spacebar jump.  Newer and more complex versions will be coming as they are updated to show progress prior to release.  This game was built on the Citrus Engine for Flash games.

programs / languages:

Flash (Professional)

Flash Builder


ActionScript 3

Citrus Engine

take a test drive (click inside the window below // right and left arrow keys and spacebar for jump)